Powerful DIY video light (800 watt equivalent)

DIY video light for $86, using hardware store parts, and eight 100-watt-equivalent compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs

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Zach Slavik says:

Where did you get your materials? Online they’re all double and triple your prices.

Randall Floyd says:

And you can grow marijuana under it tho

kevin keeley says:

Eghmmm backyard fx…….

Eds drafts says:

Thumbs up for the build. Pity I am in Ireland. Here anything is 2x the price if you are lucky enough to even find it. Lots of cool builds for DSLR video on Youtube. Any idea if there are screws in metric system to match the 1/4″ 20? So far I was unable to found one and these things don’t sell cheap on EBay. Sorry for the off topic question. Your build got me thinking about the screws again..

alandjani1 says:

yes they do I use the same

Roo SoGa says:

This light would work really good for a photo shoot right?

Lea Prel says:

genius… im starting a channel here at youtube and so far this is the best

Devon Orand says:

Yeah as a gaffer i feel like this lighting rig should not be done by amateurs. Electricity is dangerous. Cool though. I wouldn’t use cfls though, can’t control them at all…

Adoborama says:

yeah that’s good idea! i don’t have time to build it. can i just buy from you guys? i’ll pay for the shipping cost too.

UrbanFarmboy says:

Do you encounter any problems clipping the wax paper or gels so close to the lights?

Masterengineer says:

couldnt u just have soldered the wires together, to make it look neater and give you more space to add maybe a wireless button.

Joe Collings says:

grow op

chess chester says:

Wouldn’t the fluorescent light be a problem for my shutter? I like to shoot 1/48 shutter speed.

inurb4se says:

I was just thinking the same thing

ResonanceArray says:

Excellent and very helpful vid – thanks Griffin!

funwithjohnandluke says:

indy mogul is back!

chris hinton says:

Love this light! What if you lined the “dish pan” with aluminum foil? The lining would reflect more light to your direction and decrease the ambient light shining through the sides of the pan…gaining the other half stop…maybe?

Survivalist31 says:

Poor for to just cap the wires together, you should have soldered and shrink wrapped them. Awesome build aside from that

stayonpoint says:

you built a diy teleprompter? why not just use an old laptop?

calskin says:

I can’t believe I just found this channel. I’m stoked to try some of this stuff out!

Magdalena Kulisz says:

I love this tutorial. I will not make them, but it was fun to watch it.

The P-Cult says:

Hey I’m about 95% done, unfortunately if I flip the on/off switch I trip the circuit breaker every time. Any suggestions anyone?

Hermann Schulz says:

Two questions:1) Is there any advantage to using energy saving bulbs that illuminate 125 watts?2) Can occupy 6500K bulbs?Thanks, great video!

rumarudrathas says:

It’s the ground wire. You usually attach those to a ground point (and with this project, it’s the metal chassis of the build) to limit the damage of … well… Long and skinny, it prevents needless damage/harm due to ‘electrical oops’ (line surges, lightning strikes, shorts, etc).

Kaela Street says:

Hi Guys, Watched this movie ages ago and when I realised I needed more light, Made my own CFL lamp for small scale close up work. I have Youtubed the making. Sadly, watching your polished and organised video makes me want to pull mine as I am rubbish… hell, Still, love watching and learning from you all.

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