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This reel is designed to provoke reflection on the acceptance of people with disabilities.

Where does your passion and purpose collide? A truly inspirational keynote!

Oncology nurse quits after discovering nutrition heals cancer

NO REAL THAN YOU ARE is a documentation of the week long journey by Planet Street Painting as they create a 3D Lego chalk army.

How to Draw People Kissing by Mark Crilley

How to Draw a Realistic Manga Face

How to Draw a Pretty Face with Pencil

Learn to draw a tree in pencil with award winning illustrator, Shoo Rayner

Trees are not hard to draw. This reel is about drawing a variety of types of trees in graphite or pencil.

A book written by Eric Schmidt of Google and Jared Cohen. There are 5 BILLION people coming online in the next 10 years. This amazing book explores the implications this explosion will have in reshaping the future of people, nations and business.

A small GoPro camera is attached to an underwater turtle, to better understand the behavior of tagged green turtles. The result is this amazing video!

The Hadley TK-421 is here to revolutionize the work place. A black comedy set in 1960s London, it’s the kind of short you don’t see often. More than just a punchline, and with a particular sensibility on a very low budget, you’ll wonder where you can get your hands on a Hadley once you’ve seen […]